We are currently updating our standard specifications which will be displayed here soon. Our specifications are meant to be performance based, not product based. We feel systems installed should have multiple service provider options for the customer and attempt to only exclude those systems which limit the customer to one service provider.

Legal Stuff (Unfortunate, but the world we live in):

These specifications are free and open to the public for use and/or modification. Please read these specifications before use to be sure they meet the criteria of the project you intend to use them on. Gulf Coast Special Systems, LLC, any of its members or employees assume no responsibility for the use of these specifications by any party.

Access Control Specification

This specification is based on Identicard’s Premisys scalable access control system. There are 3 vendors in Southeast Louisiana and no geographic restrictions where distributors can sell/service this product.

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IP Video Surveillance Specification

This specification is based on Pelco’s DSSRV2 because of its wide availability, ability to interface with almost any IP camera and open architecture however, Axis is also mentioned as an equal. There are specifications as well for fixed indoor and outdoor 2MP cameras which meet the criteria for virtually any environment. Updated 2/10/2016

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